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“There are words that don't look good on any woman”

On the occasion of November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we at Chitè , who promote inclusion and the joy of wearing a garment that makes women feel good and can accompany them in everything they do , and Together , a creative, media and production partner that has promoted inclusion, female empowerment and gender pay equity since its inception, have come together to create a campaign that intends to make people reflect on the consequences of verbal violence towards women on social channels.

“If we think that living in a free and democratic country means being able to write and say anything we are going in the wrong direction. There can be no freedom without responsibility, we are not truly free if we don't think about the impact that what we say or do has on other people's lives. Freedom is never just an individual right, it is always a collective achievement, it is always a question of responsibility" explains Fabio Padoan, co-founder of Together.

Verbal violence is an extremely real form of violence

"I personally have been a victim of body shaming since I was a teenager. It's a topic that I feel is deeply mine. I remember a boy who asked me if I had undergone facial surgery to find my boyfriend - I was only 13. I I remember many girls who during high school publicly attacked me and psychologically manipulated me, insinuating into me ever deeper doubts about my body which also led me to suffer from bulimia. Now there are social media, behind which "keyboard lions" are born who show unprecedented violence, regardless of the effect it may have on the recipients of their words. We want Chitè to be the home of all women, where anyone can feel welcome. We want every woman to find the courage to take 35 seconds every morning to look in the mirror and love herself. We want to promote a strong and real message, which pushes people to work on their empathy. Because words have weight." Chiara Marconi, CEO & Founder of Chitè


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