Woman to woman: today, tomorrow
and always, we say: TITS UP!

Who are you?

We believe in the 35 seconds spent by every woman, every morning, when she looks at the image of herself in underwear reflected in the mirror. We believe in the immense value of this tiny little time, allowing every woman to feel her own-self love as well as the love for the world outside. 
We aspire to a world where fashion is ethical and sustainable. 

A world where every single woman can discover a unique well-being, which has been tailor-made for her. We create products with the highest artisanal value to let every woman experience the balance with herself, others and the environment surrounding her. 

Designed and produced in Italy - by women for women - we believe in the beauty awareness residing inside of us.

Why you sell the items you sell?

An awareness looking at the individual, in tune with everything around us. A tailored awareness, every day.  

Our sustainable supply chain is rooted in human empathy. 

If we can’t take care of each other, we are aware we’ll never be a catalyst for change. We believe in craftsmanship, in all that is produced for you and not just for anyone. 

We believe in everything that has been handcrafted with passion in order to create value, not margin. 

We believe in the right measure, for you and the Planet. Chitè is freedom and pride, every day, for every woman.