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Chitè is on a mission to give everywoman the pleasure of a product born guilt-free on their skin. To do so we are committed to an ever more responsible and transparent approach to production and business management. Our products have a lighter impact on our planet and a much stronger impact on the lives of all the artisans behind our supply chain. In 2022 we achieved the B Corp certification with a score of 83.3 and we released our first sustainability agenda with yearly goals. But we are not stopping there. Changing the fashion industry is a tough challenge but we want to play our role in it.

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We have had sustainability at heart since day one.

Chitè was founded with the commitment of supporting local independent artisans and their craftsmanship, one of the pillars that turned “Made in Italy” internationally recognized as a synonym of quality. However, what many ignore are the struggles that such artisans live to preserve their tradition and art. This was just the starting point that led us to be in forefront when it comes to sustainability. We believe that fashion should be ethic, responsible and sustainable and that our products should also create values rather than just margins. We are committed to sourcing only certified sustainable fabrics and keeping a short and local supply chain from yarn to manufacture to make our products beautiful inside-out. Achieving the B Corp certification is a great success but above all a declaration of commitment for a better future. We are here to have an impact on the planet we live on.


Being a certified B Corp is one of our greatest successes. The certification is given after a thorough investigation on 5 key areas of the company to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Such standards are paving the way for a better future designed by better people and better companies.


We turned into Benefit Company in 2021 aligning our business goals and actions with the aim of not only creating profit but above all added value for our society and environment.


The quality of our products lies behind what clients usually cannot see: the people who contributed to the process of creation. As a startup we are focused on building an horizontal approach in the growth of our team of women. As a fashion brand we set high standards of labor protection for our artisans.


Made in Italy for us is not merely a synonym of quality but above all a daily commitment of supporting local independent artisans who suffered from the choice of fast-fashion brands of delocalizing production towards low-labor cost countries.


We only source fabrics that guarantee a reduction of resource waste and have achieved the highest certification of sustainability like GRS, GOTS or OEKO-TEX. Using biological or recycled fabrics is a conditio sine qua non for Chitè to protect the planet and our skin.


Chitè wouldn’t be what it is today without our community and clients. We believe that being transparent and approachable with our clients is the best way to grow though feedbacks. Clients truly are at the center of our way of doing business. 




We are raising the bar every year in defining our yearly commitments and goals. To make sure that our underwear is not another cute bra in someone’s drawer but a product able to add value to whoever takes part in its life.


We want to support local artisans by introducing 2 new independent manufacturers in our supply chain from deprived areas. We also decide to use only plastic free packaging and reduce the waste of paper. We aim to use use cutting-edge measurements methods to provide transparent information on consumptions and emissions for every product we produce.


For us it is important to promote mental and physical wellbeing by spreading messages of inclusivity and body positivity. We also want to raise awareness in our community over important goals like the reduction of the gender gap in our society and in the working environment. Both our team and our artisans are 90% made by women.


We offer support and empowerment to women in critical social condition by working with charity with projects of social tailoring to give dignity to working women. This is the last mile of our Second Life project.


We want to build awareness over topics of conscious consumptions, life cycle of products, resource conservation and environment protection.

Sustainable Development Goals

We challenge ourselves every year to move a step forward by using innovative methods and being in the front line of change. To do so we set clear intentions and identify with 4 sustainable development goals of the United Nations Agenda for 2030. Every action our company and our team does and promotes is aligned with those values and commitments.