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L’intimo è la prima cosa che mettiamo la mattina e l’ultima che togliamo prima di andare a dormire. In mezzo, c’è la nostra giornata. Le nostre ambizioni, le nostre sfide, i nostri obiettivi. Abbiamo voluto creare un marchio di lingerie che, con la sua vestibilità perfetta, riuscisse ad avere un impatto reale sulle nostre vite. Un intimo su misura, personalizzabile e sostenibile, perché la gioia di, finalmente, indossare un reggiseno che ci fa sentire bene davvero possa accompagnarci in ogni cosa che facciamo.

Our lingerie is the first thing we wear in the morning and the last thing we take off before going to sleep. In between these two gestures there is our day. Our ambitions, our challenges, our goals. We wanted to create a lingerie brand truly able to influence our life attitude by fitting our body to perfection. Because the euphoria of finally wearing a bra that truly suits us, should stay with us in everything we do.

In our lingerie there are also our values


More than handmade, artisanal

For us, craftsmanship goes beyond manual work: it means tradition, experience and pride, handed down for generations. To get you a superior quality garment, we use Italian raw materials from one end of the production chain to the other, and we collaborate with Piedmontese artisan ateliers respecting their times, without haste. 

at the base

All the handmade pieces you choose are crafted exclusively with premium Oeko-Tex certified fabrics that are light on the environment but also, on our bodies. 

Made as if you made it yourself

Sizes, colors, embroidery chosen by you. Our underwear is customizable on several levels, to become truly yours, just as you imagine it, as you want it, as you would do it. In the MyChitè section you will find all the customization possibilities available to make your Chitè lingerie items unique.


Our commitment is certified

Since 2021 we have been a Benefit Company, with the aim of having a positive impact on society and on the planet: from our fabrics to distribution, ours is a short and sustainable supply chain. In addition, since 2022, we are proudly the first Italian lingerie brand to be B-Corporate certified, to demonstrate that we meet the highest ethical and transparency standards.


Customized, exclusively yours 

Your body is unique, and so can your bra: you decide how you want to customize it, and your exclusive garment will be made just for you, from the highest quality fabrics with Oeko-Tex certification. A difference that can be felt on the skin, but not only: because, when you are wearing the right underwear, everything seems to be better.


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The founders
Chiara Marconi and Federica Tiranti, respectively CEO and Creative Director of Chitè, founders of the brand and, above all, great friends, come from completely different paths. Before Chitè, one worked in the diplomatic field, the other in the scientific one. But, to unite them, there has always been the desire to build something that had a real and positive impact on people's lives. Chitè was born on a spring evening after hours spent talking about the strength and independence that we women have conquered. From this reflection also comes an awareness: the underwear market is deeply wrong. It is based on a stereotypical view of women, and offers too few sizes for a thousand different bodies. In fact, if underwear is the first thing that each of us wears every day, it should have the power to put us at ease, to make us feel confident. And everything that happens between putting it on in the morning and taking it off in the evening could be affected by this feeling of well-being. This is Chitè's mission, together with the firm defense of the values ​​in which Chiara and Federica strongly believe: support for Italian craftsmanship, inclusiveness and sustainability.
Our artisans

Slow fashion, made by people whose we know names, faces and hands, skilled and experienced: like those of Marinella, our head seamstress and maximum point of reference. Chitè works exclusively with Italian ateliers, following a production system that allows us to follow every step of the production chain, always in direct contact with our collaborators to ensure that their rights are guaranteed and that their manufacturing time is respected.

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