Starting from this statement we created MyChitè, our custom-made platform. We are the first lingerie brand to offer a customer experience based on custom-made: thanks to our tool, you will be able to create lingerie customized only for you directly from our website. It is custom-made for your body: you can choose colours, fabrics and give us your measurements to be sure you receive a fully customized product. All you need is a meter. But there’s more: our capsule collections are waiting for you every month with new designs in limited edition. Our LOVER knickers have already become the must have item of many women, and they will surely become yours too. Capsule collections enable us to always offer you new designs which are fresh and up to date, without occurring in the risk of waste: this is in fact the most sustainable way to produce. Sustainability is part our DNA as we identify ourselves as a slow couture brand based on the respect of the Planet we live in.


Chitè is committed to considered craftsmanship. Refusing to bow to trends, we design the love-forever pieces that you’ll treasure for years to come. Every one of our pieces are produced by independent Italian artisans who create our garments according to textile traditions that have been passed down for generations.


She’s serious about lingerie. As our Chief Tailor, Marinella hand-crafts Chitè’s designs from her workshop in [location].When you place your made-to-measure order, Marinella sets about creating the timeless pieces that will fit you to perfection. She crafts each made-to-measure piece to order, minimising waste. Thank you Marinella, from us and all our lingerie lovers

As today, we have founded a community of women sharing with us emotions, dreams, projects and stories: the Lover’s club. Our mantra is to take things lightly, which doesn’t mean superficially. Women joining our community are confident, determined and brave. We stand for female empowerment every day, starting from our all-girls office. We strongly believe the small things bring happiness in life, and sometimes a gift can really make your day special. Let yourself be free and give yourself some affordable luxury. Our goal is to create pieces that allow women of all shapes and ages, to look in the mirror and say: I like myself. We let the other gender decide for us too often: time has come to make our voices heard. This is all possible thanks to our designer Federica, who creates capsule collections that perfectly express the thousand facets of women’s femininity without giving up comfort.


Laura Recaldini

Communication Executive & Graphic Designer

Giuseppe Damato

Public Relations

Federica Caiazzo

Communication Executive & Copywriter

Chiara Marconi

CEO & Founder

Federica Tiranti

Designer and Founder

Maria Elena Simeoni

Merchandising & Strategy Executive

Gabrielle Lesage

Junior Product and Production Manager