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We are the first underwear brand to offer an experience based on the concept of customization declined in different levels with certain fabrics and a short chain: from an embroidered writing on one of our Ready-to-wear, to a unique garment created according to yours tastes and your measures.



Your second skin

The underwear is the head of clothing we wear first in the morning and the last one we remove in the evening. It must be our second skin, with which to face all the challenges of the day, for this reason we create tailor -made garments that can fit better for each female body.

How do I take the measurements?

The measures we need to create your bra are only two: that of the Giroseno and that of the subs must in this way our workshops will be able to create a garment built exactly on your body.


When we feel Great, Nothing Can Stop us

Chitè was born from the desire to change things and propose an underwear suitable for real women far from the steres. We are aware of the fact that each of us is unique and has the right to wear a lingerie that respects its forms and needs. We believe in real and conscious beauty, in the values ​​of independence, inclusion and authenticity.

So that you can choose a garment that represents you and that makes you feel yourself, without compromise.


Craftsmanship is the key

Unique, tailor -made and customized garments, this is possible thanks to our craftsmen. We are talking about Slow Fashion, made by people we know the names, faces and hands, skilled and expert. For Chitè, sustainability is primarily the support we give to small craftsmen. For us, craftsmanship goes beyond work: it means tradition, experience and pride, handed down for generations.

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