Royal Blue Brazilian Knickers in Satin and Embroidered Tulle


€25,85 €47
Color: Royal Blue

Made in Italy

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Handmade by Elsa

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Chitè x Caudalie: Together to make women feel good. Get your free sample of Vinosource-Hydra with every order.

This satin knickers is ideal for those days when you need an energy boost. The embroidered tulle on the back will make you feel sad for having to wear trousers.

All Chitè’s knickers feature a 100% cotton internal gusset. True to size.

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Satin on the front
  • Embroidered tulle on the back
  • 100% cotton gusset
  • Delicate hand wash


Chitè has carefully selected its satin after a very long research, carried out to offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. We restock our satin from a historical Italian company, producing the most valuable satin on the market. Given its elasticity, which allows the garment to offer the best fit and lightness, the fabric is specific for underwear. However, this satin contains polyester: why didn’t we choose silk instead?
  •  We want the production chain to be completely Italian. In fact, our satin is produced by Italian company Boselli and each production step happens inside the company itself. On the other hand, silk’s thread mostly comes from China: it would no longer be possible to have 100% Italian products.
  •  Differently from silk, satin is not a fabric of animal origin. Silk comes from intensive farming in China: again, it would be impossible for us to offer fully Made in Italy products.
  •  Polyester satin provides the best fit for underwear and clothing thanks to the thread’s fineness that, being vey beaten, requires numerous steps in the machines to remain light and extremely soft.


The embroidered tulle, like all of Chitè’s fabrics, is 100% Italian. Unlike lace, during the embroidered tulle’s production, there is a tulle base firmly fixed on a frame on which the required design is embroidered. It is an Oeko-Tex certified fabric that does not contain or release any harmful substances to the skin.


True to size.

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