Lover Knickers in Satin "Baby it's Cold Outside" Ivory


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Made in Italy

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Handmade by Letizia

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Chitè x Caudalie: Together to make women feel good. Get your free sample of Vinosource-Hydra with every order.

Expert artisans made these iconic Lover knickers for you in their independent workshops. Also, they’re perfect for Christmas not just because of the beautifully embroidered lyrics. They’re reliable allies when it comes to comfort too: Chitè Lover knickers are 100% Made in Italy, feature a 100% cotton gusset and signature ruffled edges. You won’t need to go outside. Just stay in bed and make the most of your off-duty time with these knickers on.

Feeling creative? You may customize your own with your embroidery, just click here.

  • Embroidered with the quote "Baby it's cold outside"
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Satin
  • Signature ruffled edges
  • 100% cotton gusset

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